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Personal Injury

Our injury attorneys are among the nation’s most successful and tenacious personal injury lawyers. We are prepared to help all victims.

Medical Malpractice

You shouldn’t have to suffer as a result of a medical professional’s mistake. We’ll investigate, pursue justice, and compensation for your injuries.

Civil Rights

If you have been wrong by the police or another entity, we are ready to fight for your Civil Rights

Criminal Charges

The criminal defense attorneys at The Cochran Firm are equipped to handle all types of criminal charges, including those that may seem minor.

Our Firm

Professional Liability

The Cochran Firm has a storied and successful past that we strive to continue. We are ready to fight for the rights of the people and protect our communities. 

Dedication To Our Clients

We love Chicago and the people here. We are focused on protecting you and your rights. All cases are important to us, big or small.

Outstanding Service

Our team is known for treating every case with the same determination as the one before. You and your loved ones are family to us. We have a long history of leading the legal field with care and service. 

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